Privacy Policy

Shiksha Portal respects its users in every way and we ensure to protect at all costs. Shiksha Portal has the aim of providing all rich content, better service, and information to each and every user.

Information Usage

Shiksha Portal works on giving out better service in different forms and we do not sell or give away your personal information other than public info given out by you. We are very conscious of mail spam and we try to protect every email as much as possible. In certain cases, your mail may be exposed to the public.

Information We Gather

All the information submitted during the process of registration or any information saved on the website is done by you. You may not publish any of your data if you think so but you may be restricted from the services we provided in that case.


We respect all Internet Laws, and all Government rules under GDPR, This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience for functional, Preferences, Analytics, and Marketing.

Customer is free to accept to save their Name, Email, and Website in cookies, and this is a convenient way, by which customers need not fill in their details again to access the website.

These cookies will be used, when customers access the website and a temporary cookie is created, this will be deleted once the customer has left the site.

The Login cookies of a customer do get saved for 2 days and if a customer selects the Remember Me option, the same will be saved for more than 2 weeks, where we adhere to GDPR compliance.

Cookies are the best source to increase the responsiveness of the users on our website. You may consider cookies like pieces of information that are stored in your computer browsers. These cookies help you remember your login id or other information on our website for a better experience.

Note that cookies do not harm your computer or computer browser in any case.


We have the right to use any third-party advertisement company. We try our best to provide good and healthy ads on your website for every user experience. We make sure that our readers and users are greeted with good advertisements but not harmful ones. We make it clear that we are not responsible for any harm caused by the third part advertisement. You may contact us through our “Contact Us” page to bring any issue in our notice.

Links to other Websites

Shiksha Portal works for providing better content to readers and our website might include links to other websites. Each website we link may be protected by its respective privacy policy which is beyond our control and we cannot have any control over them/their website.

Change of Privacy Policy

Internet is always changing and in the same manner, we hold the right to change any rule in privacy policy to change at any instant of time without notice of our readers. By accepting the privacy policy you also accept any change made in the policy without intimation.

Contact us

If you have any queries or questions then reach us by “Contact Us” page.